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Setting Up the Craft Room for Video Recording

I have a nice camera that I have dappled with for a few years.  I have played with some photo editors (iPhoto)  but i really have not done any video recording.  I soon discovered that i would need more gear if I want to do a decent job video recording.  So here are the things I have ordered to get the job done in case you were wondering how to go about this as well.  As soon as I get the gear.  I will load a video on how I set it up and you can let me know what you think!

This is the camera I use:

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New Year – Weekly Planning


Do you set New Year resolutions? At the start of each New Year I find myself thinking about new things I want to learn or do. I have a wide range of interests but not a master in any one area. This year I wanted to work on keeping up-to-date with technology. I thought about learning a new program language maybe Python and have looked into some courses and found one on  Coursera. I actually signed up! But I also want to continue to develop my crafting skills and making time most days to work on some aspect of this development. Continue Reading